Shipping and return policies for Jacob Haller

Shipping Info
I send items via the US Postal Service, usually first class mail. If there's urgency, let me know at, and I'll send it priority mail (which delivers in 2 business days) for no extra charge.
Return Policy
If an item you order from me arrives damaged, let me know and I'll send a new one for no extra charge, or if I don't have a replacement item I'll refund your money.
If you buy a shirt from me and discover it's too big or small, send the shirt back to me and when I receive it will either send you a replacement in the correct size (if available) or refund your order, whichever you prefer. If you want to exchange for a new shirt, please email me at as soon as possible so I can set the shirt aside for you.
If you have any other complaints, let me know at and I will do what I can to address them.